Xbmc library not updating twin flame dating

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Xbmc library not updating

Cleaning is a more thorough function that removes files from the database that are no longer there.

Python would probably the be easiest way to do this executebuiltin(Clean Library(database)) is a sample, make sure to pip install simplejson #!

Today I have to manually update the library through the menu.

JSONEncoder().encode(data) content_length = len(data) content = request = urllib2.

Something like the following (and totally untested): import xbmc from os import listdir monitor = xbmc.

Monitor() picfolder = "/home/osmc/images" l1 = listdir(picfolder) while not monitor.abort Requested(): if Cond Visibility('Slideshow. = l2: xbmc.executebuiltin('Slide Show(%s)' %(picfolder)) l1 = l2 if For Abort(60): # Abort was requested while waiting for 60 seconds.

curl --data-binary '' -H 'content-type: application/json;' curl --data-binary '' -H 'content-type: application/json;' You could do this from your Linux box with cron and a curl command.

I have set up file sharing using smb and the source of my pictures are on a shared folder in my LAN.

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import xbmc from os import listdir from time import sleep xbmc.log('[refresh-slideshow] Starting') monitor = xbmc.