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I think the beginning of the whole idea of online dating developed from the intriguing advertisements we see in the advertisement columns of newspapers; these advertisements still appear in newspapers nowadays, though albeit a little less, but they do appear, stating something like, “A gentleman about 39 years of age, who is pretty loaded, is in need of an educated and pretty wife of 20-25 years of age”.

These ads have been pivotal to the newspaper business from decades ago to this day.

A subsequent study found that when a target was less available, participants reported greater willingness to take that person to a fancy restaurant and shell out even more money for the date.

Overall, these findings tell us that the illusion of scarcity isn’t just an effective marketing strategy for merchandisers; it can also help you score a date and potentially keep them coming back for more.

I think we all can agree to the fact that technology has advanced, and it has advanced a lot at that.

This application makes use of a mobile device's geo-location, a feature of smartphones and other devices that allow users to locate other users who are nearby.

It is mainly famous amongst the gay community (if you didn’t know about this app, then gays, thank me).

Can you enhance your desirability by making yourself less available? In one study, heterosexual college students were presented with profiles of three equally attractive people or “targets” who varied in their level of availability (high, intermediate, or low).

When asked to select which target they were most interested in dating or pursuing a committed relationship with, the target with intermediate availability was preferred hands down by both men and women; however, men desired the target with low availability almost as much as the intermediate target.

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We are being more open-minded towards things like dating, and we the millennials view it as a common thing.

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