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Wpf textbox validating event

To me, it resembles a lot like the Decorator pattern, where you can enhance the look of your bound control without affecting it’s default state and behavior.If you want to limit text allowed as input to a Text Box, a full strategy for checking text being input should include handling the Preview Key Down and Preview Text Input events, as well as implementing a pasting handler.At which point there is no reason anymore to call base.Onvalidating(), you don't want an event handler to override that rule.There’s a Validation static class in the WPF framework that’s designed for supporting data validation.You can attach it’s properties and event to any that sits on top of your UI control on a different layer that is responsible for displaying visual cues.I have a Validate Text Box Entry method that is called by the Validating event.Normally, I would use the Property editor in the visual editor to add Validate Text Box Entry to the Validating event of each and every instance of the custom control.

Create add a new class called Validatable Bindable Base.

Or, more commonly in this case, you leave it up to Winforms to call it for you.

A sample implementation could look like this: valid to have an empty string in the textbox.

Controls; namespace MVVMHierarchies Demo When the above code is compiled and executed, you will see the following window.

I created a custom control that inherits from Text Box.

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And further extended by automatically taking care of displaying a hint to the user that his data-entry needs to be worked on.