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Going out into the great unknown felt like a true adventure.

Things like the Dungeon Finder, letting you easily match-make for groups will be gone (not to mention the fact you’ll have to walk to any dungeon entrance, rather than be instantly transported to them), while some of the visual flourishes the game has received over the years will also be dialed back.

While Blizzard makes that decision, it has committed to waves of content releases over time.

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This should settle once the initial rush to play calms down, but Blizzard has already moved quickly to open more servers to alleviate the strain.

Classic players have been reporting a series of bugs to developers Blizzard Entertainment. They’re actually accurate, old-school features of how the game used to play.In a nutshell, World of Warcraft Classic is the game as it existed in 2006, two years after the game first launched, and before the release of the game’s first full expansion pack, The Burning Crusade.It’s this point (Patch 1.12: Drums of War) where the original World of Warcraft, pre-expansion add-ons, was at its strongest, having had a few years of bug squishing and gameplay refinements under its belt.What then, if you pine for the simpler, early days of the game, when World of Warcraft was fresh, new, and a little more mysterious?Don those rose-tinted glasses – that’s where World of Warcraft Classic comes in.

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