Workplace dating waiver

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The required deposits will be: The Civil Enforcement Unit’s Tax Unit is responsible for the collection of all delinquent, unsecured personal property taxes in Pima County. The October payment is delinquent after pm on November 1st and the March payment is delinquent after pm on May 1st.

There are service fees for these services and deposits are required.

General instructions: All services will require a Service Information Sheet or cover letter from a law firm or government agency giving detailed and specific information to be used to locate and serve the designated person.

Successful and expeditious services are our goal and we, therefore, rely heavily on the information that you provide to us.

A deposit of .00 per person being served on Injunctions Against Harassments or Injunctions Against Workplace Harassments without a Waiver or Deferral.

A deposit of 0.00, one set of original paperwork, a set for each person being served, and an extra set is required on all writs: Extra charges may apply concerning multiple services.

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Out of state waivers or deferrals will not be accepted.