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Either way, you have options to put things back in place with the IRS when your payment needs to be changed. In the space below, please do your best to describe how I can help you.

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The IRS needs to know the changes to adjust your payment plan.

The changes could be short-term and simply give you a month off from the payment, or could result in longer, more permanent relief, such as a reduced payment, uncollectible, or even an offer in compromise.

(Uncollectible status is when the IRS makes a determination that forcing a payment plan would put you in economic hardship.

Today the burden of avoiding delays rests primarily on the taxpayer; simple errors or oversights can lead to a delay of your tax refund.

A common cause of delayed tax return processing, leading to delayed refunds, is missing information on the return.

After you receive the notice to terminate your installment agreement, the IRS will allow you 60 days to file an appeal disputing the intent to end the agreement. If you file an appeal, the IRS can’t take any enforcement while the appeal is pending.

The protections against levy during an appeal of defaulted installment agreement are law, and can be found in Internal Revenue Code 6331(k)(2).

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If you want some time before you negotiate a new plan with the IRS, the appeal provides it and the IRS cannot collect while the appeal is pending.

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