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Even though it hasn't been officially confirmed by either party, Pugh and former actor Zach Braff are believed to be an item.

In April, they were photographed walking around New York City holding hands, embracing, and smiling.

It also stars Alicia Silverstone and Andy King, aka the man who went viral from Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary earlier this year.

pictures of Pugh to his page from the set of the film.

They were only spotted together once, but that didn't stop fans from fueling rumors of a relationship.

Fans reacted on Twitter, mostly sad that the British actor appeared to now be taken. a sad day for lesbians everywhere," one Twitter user wrote.

Braff has been busy filming his upcoming Western film with Robert de Niro and Morgan Freeman, according to Deadline.Applicants had to create a movie poster for a film that didn't exist, the winning poster being the inspiration for a short film written and directed by Braff.The film shows the life of Lucy, an influencer living in the 19th century.It doesn't end well for their relationship — or for any of the characters for that matter.But even though her love life isn't going so well on the big screen, it's totally different in real life. She’s rumored to be in a relationship with an Emmy-nominated actor.

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He recently posted a picture of him in Santa Fe, which is where the movie is being filmed.

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