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Who s rumored to be dating supermodel freja beha

Britney Spears wore a navy version of this dress for the June issue of Harpers Bazaar in one of her best sartorial moments in recent memory.The graffiti background looks contrived, but the dress itself looks light and makes Spears look like an ethereal Mother Universe. Just one day after writing about the emerging jaguar-print trend, Chanel released the first image from its F/W 11 campaign featuring my favorite lesbian model Freja Beha Erichsen working a high fashion catsuit.When she does appear it will invariably stir up a newsworthy moment, but not having to spend a month running to castings or fittings frees her up to do even more of those choice photo shoots and campaigns, or to simply enjoy life.I never intended for this space to feed into the fashion rumor mill (this is a classy blog, damn it! Whatever the reason, American flag-inspired motifs are having a moment. This look from Japanese designer Miharayasuhiro’s S/S 11 collection offers a darker interpretation of American patriotism.Could the superstar be stepping away from one of the things that made her a household name? Make no mistake: Jenner’s career has not slowed down one bit.

Instead, Chanel designed a more modest, perhaps homely, version that resembles a really comfortable interpretation of the cat costumes my elementary school teachers perennially wore at Halloween.

After repeat performances for Versace, it would be only natural for Jenner to have walked Donatella’s Spring 2017 show, but she didn’t.

As her famous family settled into their seats at Balmain this morning, one would have expected Jenner to model Olivier Rousteing's collection the way she has for the past four seasons, but that wasn’t the case, either.

Givenchy has another take on the model-as-cat look from its F/W 11 campaign featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell, sitting on what looks like a really fancy cat bed.

Campbell is definitely channeling a much angrier, sexier cat than Freja, but she’s also channeling Dracula as well (Doesn’t the design over her crotch looks like a pair of fangs? This could possibly double as an ad for While everyone knows that fashion is run by gay men, people often fail to recognize the pivotal role that our female counterparts play in the industry.

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I love how the beanie-turned-cat head makes Freja look like she robbed a bank as a budget-version of Catwoman.