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The first permanent Assembly, also known as the General or Colonial Assembly, meets.

During this time period, New York begins to develop constitutional principles and procedures similar to those of England.

Governor Peter Stuyvesant appoints burgomaster and schepens (i.e.

aldermens), but retains authority to establish ordinances.

Dutch (Dutch West India Company) establish colony called New Netherland.

Settlements in this colony include New Amsterdam, located where Manhattan is today, and Fort Orange which later becomes Albany.

Upon hearing of King James II's overthrow, angry citizens in Boston imprison Andros, for suppressing liberties, and rebellious citizens in New York rise up against Andros' deputy who flees to England.

From 1746 to 1750 an important, political fight is waged between Governor George Clinton and the Colonial Assembly for power; although the Colonial Assembly asserts that they have supreme power over colonial government, they compromise in the end by agreeing that the Assembly shares sovereignty with the governor.

Under this charter for New York, the Duke of York has the power to establish laws, appoint officials, and make judiciary decisions that can only be appealed to the Privy Council in England.

Eventually, the duke delegates many of his powers to his governors and establishes a "Council" which consists of important citizens who advise the governor.

When Sloughter dies this same year, the Council selects the commander of troops, Robert Ingolsby, as a temporary governor until Governor Benjamin Fletcher arrives.

The Council also re-establishes in essence the "Charter of Liberties and Privileges" of 1683 which sets up courts and local government.

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For the next ten years, British Parliament passes several acts taxing colonies without representation.

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