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Then he said ‘sing Just My Imagination’.”A fan, Mica knew the song so well but couldn’t remember the words. and held the just really long because she couldn’t remember the rest.“People went mental, he went mental and then he started playing his guitar. He called me at the Sunset Marquis Hotel at like eight in the morning.He says ‘I’m sending over some songs, tell me which one you like’.” When the tapes arrived, If I Love U 2 Night was her favourite.All they cared about was getting a kid to get a flat and I was running the other way.I was like ‘no, there’s got to be more to life that just signing on’.“I was one of those mad kids I guess that just didn’t want the same as everyone else. I feel like my role of Miss Sherman, telling kids who come to me for advice in real life, what to do,” says Mica who’s treaded the boards of the West End and appeared in countless TV dramas.“This show isn’t the reality version of fame we’re getting at the moment on TV. She’s a passionate teacher and there aren’t many of those left these days.” Mica considers herself something of an ambassador, a guide for those hoping to follow in her footsteps.“I’ve been in the industry 30 years...

Fame shows you how it’s a graft, how you have to work to become successful, to become famous.“People come and they cry because it’s such a real depiction of what fame is; the road to it and how back in the day people worked to become successful.It’s amazing, all of it’s great.”The last time Mica saw him was at Camden Palace, where they’d first met.“Talk about full circle, I mean Jesus. I hadn’t seen him for about six years at that point and they invited me to come see him.“He just looked so thin and I said to his manager ‘what’s going on with him at the moment’. I knew something wasn’t right but honey six months later he was dead. The three biggest shocks for me were Whitney, Michael and Prince, those three, flippin’ hell.”Mica, who can’t stand sweet, says what’s great about Fame – The Musical is it’s not twee. one minute you’re laughing, dancing; the next you’re crying your eyes out.”Raised in working class Lewisham, she would watch Fame, willing to do anything to go to stage school.“I couldn’t afford it man.Where I grew up, most people didn’t think they could enter that world so I was a real enigma in my community. I was like 14 and everyone thought I was completely nuts.I thought I was going to pass out, I didn’t care that Mickey Rourke was there, Bono, Sinead, everyone.“All that mattered to me was that he was there standing in front of me and I swear I nearly cried I was a mess. I knew him all the way to the end and I should’ve asked him ‘how did you find me’.

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