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Who is lita dating 2016

This has included a number of WWE divas both on screen and off, though the woman Orton currently spends his life with has never appeared with him on WWE TV. Given his incredible popularity, Daniel Bryan could probably propose to just about any single female in the WWE Universe and receive the same answer: Yes! Bryan probably isn’t interested in random women at this point in his life, however, having settled down and made a co-worker into his wife, with whom he recently fathered his first child. That’s what happens when you marry into one of the most powerful families in sports entertainment, which has made many critics speculate HHH might have had ulterior motives since he and his now wife first started dating. A reality TV star, actor, and former WWE Champion, it’s easy to see why some women might agree with The Miz when he calls himself awesome.

Of course, their three children would likely beg to differ that their father is just in it for show. Granted, his arrogant attitude is enough to make most ladies look the other way, but one of his female counterparts in the WWE Universe were interested from the day he introduced her as a contestant in the Diva Search. Whether he’s busy being most electrifying man in sports entertainment or the highest paid actor in Hollywood, it goes without saying female fans of wrestling and movies alike most definitely smell what The Rock is cooking. Styles is responsible for why The Phenomenal One avoided WWE for as long as he did. might have missed out on big money and some flashy spotlights, the fact they remain happily together to this day with four children probably means he doesn’t regret a thing. Big and brutish, crushing everything in his path, Rusev is another monster who may frighten more women than he can make fall in love with him.

In fact, she and her future husband had been friends since childhood who trained to get into the sport together, falling love with wrestling and one another at virtually the same time.

They also got to spend a few good years in WWE working side by side, until an unfortunate injury took her husband out of the ring seemingly for good.

Do you know what his name was while still working for WWE?

Cool, charismatic, and with long, flowing locks, Edge didn’t need to say a word to get the male fans of WWE intrigued by his character.

Maybe she was just pleased with how well Hardy got along with Señor Benjamin…in any event, what is his wife's name?

Obviously, this was in no way an appropriate reaction, yet it nonetheless portrays Ambrose as a man women are willing to fight for. If Stephanie Mc Mahon’s love life is any indication of the Mc Mahon family pattern, one might expect female wrestlers to have been after Shane Mc Mahon from the moment he turned 18.

The sports entertainers working for WWE are at once athletes, actors, entertainers, and TV stars all, and the ones higher up on the roster get paid pretty well for these services.

This adds up to what most people on the dating scene would call a “catch,” and as such, most of the men and women of WWE have beautiful wives or dashing husbands at their sides in their personal lives.

Little did they she one day he’d bring her back to that exact moment and propose, nor that they would now stand side by side one another as Miz continues dominating WWE media. The Great One spent much of his time in WWE married to the same woman, who now happens to serve as his manager. Way back in 2002, the sports entertainment juggernauts offered a then rookie Styles a contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling, but he turned it down, not wanting to move away from his spouse. It only takes one ravishing blonde to satisfy this sort of beast, however, and the Super Athlete has had the same beautiful woman by his side since his early days in NXT.

Amazingly, this business relationship remained strong despite a divorce and both parties moving on to new love, and The Rock is now dating a woman with whom he recently fathered a child. Initially paired together at random, Rusev and his manager proved to have so much chemistry it translated to a real relationship that recently blossomed into marriage. Despite the fact he spends all his time with an annoying goof like Enzo Amore, Big Cass has plenty of qualities for ladies to admire.

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Similarly, the female fans were already starting to fall in love with the guy, and that this romance took an R Rated turn only served to make Edge’s most adoring fans love him more.