Who is dating trina

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Raymond Taylor is her long time partner, but she is still Unmarried.In addition, his name is also affiliated with James Harden, French Montana Rasi Baker, and Kenyon Martin. A pic with Ex: Trina Ex-Boyfriends List: From 2012 till 2014 Short Bio of Rapper Trina: The outstanding rapper Katrina Laverne Taylor was born on December 3, 1974/1978 in Miami, Florida.XXL Magazine stated her “the most consistent female rapper of all the time”.

The couple engaged to get marry in future but these two have an Off-and-On sort of relationship.

She needs to get herself together, she isn’t happy, her relationship with Bow really devastated her when the two broke up.

They were engaged to be married, she relocated to Atlanta to live with him and now she’s back on the prowl.

Now, word on the street, the reality star is dating rapper Trina.

This is a relationship I never saw coming nor do I believe it. Something tells me this is a publicity stunt and we will see Trina as a love interest for Erica on the hit reality show.

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The two were spotted snuggling before Trina’s LA Pride day performance. It seems that being bisexual is par for the course, if you are not bisexual, then there is something wrong with you.

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