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When did you start dating

I'm not one to do one night stands but idk, what would your advice be?

So here’s a little question for you guys: at what age did you start dating seriously?

I had never dated anyone, so around the last quarter of my first year, I started using Tinder and went on dates with 2 guys but it didn't work out.

My roommate set me up with her boyfriend's twin brother and that worked out pretty well. I had 200 matches and only 2 dates so it's not the best place to actually meet people.

She got her first B ever, in calculus, and then she got her first D the next semester and I got 2 C's.

I'm very much not social and for the most part of my first year I was either in my room or in the library doing work and studying.

She mistook me for another guy and I was an absolute drunken idiot.

Fast forward a semester, and we were spending way too much time together doing nothing.

I met my ex-girlfriend of 2 years through mutual friends in the dorm and we rushed the same engineering fraternity (co-ed).

Keep in mind, I went into Tinder not expecting much, and when I right-swiped her I had already seen her around the student union and at parties and stuff. When we matched we spoke for a few days via the Tinder chat option and we eventually met up in Union and the rest is history.

Tinder is not for everyone and it's definitely something you can't go into expecting a lot, but you never know, I ended up dating this girl for seven months and we're still going.

This is the one time in life where you have a good gender ratio and people are open to new people without any recourse.

Make approaches, you have the ability to make mistakes and learn from them now.

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I am a fairly socially active guy and it's been hard for me so understand that it's not easy no matter what you do.

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  1. It's as if you're both in on a joke; if the other person laughs, nods, or rolls their eyes as if to say, "I know - how silly! You'll raise your eyebrows when encountering someone you know or find attractive - this is a unconscious facial gesture and generally puts other people at ease (even if they don't realize it).