Vista computer stuck updating 100 geek dating

Posted by / 02-Oct-2020 19:14

i simply disabled automatic updates until i can find out more about why this even happened.

Source : Might be these links useful for you : use this solution that I have placed on this forum.

If you've ever watching Windows install updates when you shut down your computer, you know it's a very automated process.

I know a little but I really don't know all the names/fuctions/etc.Do not turn off your computer." After approximately 5 minutes, the configuring fails and the laptop finally starts up.A stuck update usually isn't a critical problem, but it's certainly annoying-- especially when you want your computer to start up in a reasonable amount of time.Luckily, this problem is easy to fix and will work for almost any Windows Update that is stuck.Over the last week or so, we've heard (and personally experienced) this exact issue with Windows Update.

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