Virgo and cancer dating

Posted by / 21-Jan-2020 09:10

This duo provides enough freedom to one another, so each gets enough “head space.” But remain loving enough to stay close and affectionate.In the Cancer and Virgo match, the couple seeks the same goals in life.That is until their Cancer partner comes along, of course.

Everything in Virgo’s world is about direct analysis or action.

Or, Cancer and Virgo can bring the mind and heart to work together on tackling any challenge they face.

The typical connection allows for the heart and mind to rule in unison.

Virgo’s motto is “I analyze.” Cancer’s motto is “I feel.” As such, this romantic connection is a tried and true head and heart connection! Virgo is a pure soul with a high level of adaptability.

When pairing up a Cancer with a Virgo, it joins two genuine and compassionate individuals. They have plenty of tolerance for the Cancer spirit who can prove a bit volatile.

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To consider Virgo a less than a fantastic lover or a bit boring in the bedroom is a misnomer.