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Didn't Cronenberg and his wife get naked together on the set of A History of Violence and act out how they wanted Viggo and Mario Bello to act out their scene? see: Please someone explain the atttraction to Viggo.Once he took off his make-up and hair from LOTR, her looked like a strange little man to me.According to random gossip, Viggo is a homewrecker – Ariadna was married (with a kid too) when she met Viggo, and they had some kind of affair.Ariadna allegedly left her husband for Viggo and never looked back, although…Wasn't there some blind item about an S&M type relationship between a director and star that seemed to fit Cronenberg and Viggo?

My take on this situation is that Ariadna is his “official” girlfriend but in his mind, they aren’t exclusive. I've also seen him on Charlie Rose and Letterman and he seems even stranger (and mumbly) and a little full of himself. As for Cronenberg, he's skanky but I can see why we like him.Adamblast, although it is VERY difficult to tell these days with the influx of IMDB mini-fraus, I am hoping (fucking hell I'm HOPING) that post you quoted was a a parody post. Directors and actors have "special" relationships sometimes. And there are a few others I can't think of right now."I seem to remember him as a poet-musician / performance-art type, and that he was involved with Exene Cervenka (of the band X) for a while.His film film, Shivers, we see a visibly horny homosexual couple in speedos.Also, a 100% straight man wouldn't have showcased Jeff Goldblum's body like the way Cronenberg did in The Fly.

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Here are some new photos of Viggo Mortensen and his girlfriend Ariadna Gil in Madrid, Spain yesterday.

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