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But instead you get Zero coming to bless them....o_OAnyway, I realised one thing about this game, apparently whoever is the second most intimate to you, he will become the person that appears to say stuff to you when your main bishie confesses.

Hearing how scary his voice sounded, I kept justifying and say Ichijou had been very kind and supportive and that is why I am attracted to him.

The mini games are varied, and although they're quite simple, they're charming and even challenging at times.

Some of the "episode" plots in this are a bit lame (a vampire dog named "Chibi" that basically just exists to make Zero angst more, for example), but when the boys feel like being sexy, they go all out.

Then while they were getting all physical and stuff, Yagari suddenly intervened!!

So I got upset at him for giving Chibi a hard time, and I think he was a mean person.

Desperate for food, Yagari started shooting at the birds when he suddenly realised...

There is no point shooting at the birds with an anti-vampire gun.

The game is organized into chapters, with each chapter featuring a little mini-story.

It's really a great game, and I highly recommend it. Vampire Knight's premise lends itself to a dating game with a bit more action and interactivity, and D3 actually steps up.

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But the next day, when Kaname and Zero have made their pack to kill Chibi, I bumped into Yagari again.

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