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Validating xml java parser schema

Finally, a word of caution: Since mapping programs are nothing more than ordinary Java classes, the developer has unrestricted access to the entire J2SE class library.

However, code that reads or writes files, opens network connections, accesses databases etc.

] is a World Wide Web Consortium standard for describing the structure and content of XML documents.

A document is said to be valid according to an XML Schema, if the document adheres to the rules specified in that schema.

SDOM creation and configuration are mainly supported using the interfaces.

should never find its way into your mapping class; your code should only perform transformations on the message being processed.

Performing schema validation in Java code is fairly straightforward.

DOM API builds an in-memory tree representation of the XML document.

For example, given the document described in Example 4-1, the DOM API creates the in-memory tree shown in Figure 4-2.

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The former provides access to the payload of the message being processed.

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