Validating software design

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Beta testing reduces product failure risks and provides increased quality of the product through customer validation.

It is the final test before shipping a product to the customers.

How to ensure that the software architecture design adequately fullfils the software safety requirements specification?

The software architecture defines the major elements and subsystems of the software, how they are interconnected, and how the required (safety integrity) attributes will be achieved.

All essential information from the current phase of the software safety lifecycle needed for the correct execution of the next phase should be available and must be verified.

It is carried out in a lab environment at the developers site. The testers are internal employees of the organization, mainly in-house .This paper presents the following guideline information on verification and validation (V&V) of software requirements and design specifications: Definitions of the terms "verification " and "validation, " and an explanation of their context in the software life-cycle; A description of the basic sequence of functions performed during software requirements and design V&V An explanation, with examples: of the major software requirements and design V&V criteria: completeness, consistency, feasibility, and testability; An evaluation of the relative cost and effectiveness of the major software requirements and design V&V techniques with respect to the above criteria; An example V&V checklist for software system reliability and availability.Based on the above, the paper provides recommendations of the combination of software requirements and design V&V techniques most suitable for small, medium, and large software specifications. OBJECTIVES The basic objectives in verification and validation (V&V) of software requirements and design specifications are to identify and resolve software problems and high-risk issues early in the software life-cycle.In addition, it should be ensured that the integration tests specified in the software architecture are adequate.The software verification shall be performed as planned.

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The aim is to carry out the tasks that a typical user might perform.

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