Validating pad printing process

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Validating pad printing process

As the name suggests, pad printing involves transferring ink from a silicone pad to the object you want printed, similar to using a rubber stamp.Using a machine that holds both the pad and the promotional product steady, the pad is pressed into an inked plate etched into the shape of your desired artwork.Our experts engineer the perfect equipment and rotary automation to fulfill our customer’s needs as well as define the best fit ink type and source of curing for perfect ink adhesion and product completion.Process Lab & Development Trans Tech stands out by offering our premier process lab and process development.This water-washable, steel-based letterpress printing plate offers brilliant print quality.nyloprint® WS and WS Digital are ideal for a broad range of applications including printing laminated tubes, cups and cans, continuous business forms, security printing, label printing, and female die for blind embossing.

We employ an expert team with high training and provide a wide variety of printing equipment, supplies, parts, tooling, and service.

This plate is reliable and reusable for repeat orders, offers excellent solid density and screen ruling to 305 lpi (120 L/cm).

Ideal for printing on promotional and industrial products, this alcohol-washable gravure plate delivers high print quality with screen ruling up to 305 lpi (120 L/cm).

The pad is then pressed into the actual object, creating a crisp printed image.

Improvements in technology and advancements in flexo plate materials have significantly improved the quality of pad printing in recent years.

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