Validating documents

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Validating documents

As you browse, it will automatically validate each AMP page visited and gives a visual indication of the validity of the page as a colored icon.When the page isn’t AMP but the page indicates that an AMP version is available, the icon shows in a blue color with a link icon, and clicking on the extension will redirect the browser to the AMP version. As part of your build and test pipelines, you can integrate AMP validation through the AMP Validator NPM packages: amphtml-validator or gulp-amphtml-validator (a gulp plugin).

This interface shows errors displayed inline alongside the HTML source of the page.So not only would you lose the speed benefits of the cache, it’s likely that your page will not be seen in many places!That would be a shame, so let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.:) let $clear := validation:clear-grammar-cache() let $result := if (validation:validate($doc, $schema)) then "PASS" else "FAIL" return There are two important points about this XML Schema.The target Namespace=" attribute indicates that this XML Schema is targeting the

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e Xist come with default setting that may prevent files from being added that are associated with a namespace once a schema is saved in the registry.

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