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Validating against xsd

Then the two xs:any (wildcard) particles (we can call these xs:any declarations for now, instead of particles), present the UPA ambiguity.The XSD processor cannot decide, which xs:any declaration it should select for doing validation of an XML instance element.This particular XML Schema constraint is also many times referred to as UPA constraint, usually by the XML Schema validation processors and XML Schema literature available at many places.The UPA constraint is defined both in XML Schema 1.0 and 1.1 languages, and its core essence hasn't changed in the two versions of XSD language.Errors are also flagged in the line-numbering margin.If a smart fix is available for an error, then a light bulb icon is shown on the line that generates the error.That is, the XSD 1.0 processor cannot decide whether it should select the declaration xs:element (with name="a") or the declaration xs:any, when validating an XML instance element "a".It is interesting to know, that the UPA violation will be reported when we attempt to compile the XSD schema (for example, by the JAXP API), and without doing any validation against an XML instance document.

This article explains the procedure for performing that validation using Before validating an XML document, you must specify the location of the XML XSD Schema.

The error messages will appear in the bottom part of the XMLFox Advance interface.

Error will be located in XML script and its location will be highlighted.

I believe it's important to know and to understand about the XML Schema UPA constraint, by the XML Schema document authors, because in the presence of UPA violations the XSD document will fail to compile when fed to the XSD processor.

All the examples in this article, are tested with Xerces-J's XSD processor.

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