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Should you even worry about exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day if you just started dating? After all, you don't want to disappoint your new boo but, at the same time, you don't want to be doing way too much and make it weird.So, to help sort through this whole balancing act, I reached out to an expert: Erica Gordon, millennial dating expert, founder of The Babe Report, and author of She assures Elite Daily it doesn’t really have to be all that complicated.There is a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day for anyone in a relationship, but it may actually feel even more complicated and fraught for brand new couples.That’s because you might not have a ton of history and the relationship is just starting to find its footing, when bam!Sentimental gifts, such as a funny card with an inside joke or a journal of little love notes, show you care without having to spend too much money.If you feel like spoiling him, splurge on a gadget he's been eyeing, or surprise him with a weekend trip to a destination you’ve both always want to visit—and give him a stylish duffle to go along with it.If he loves sneakers, he’ll probably love a shiny new pair, or if he’s really into craft beer, get him a sampler like the one below.

No lavish gifts are necessary at this stage,” explains Gordon.

a heart-shaped box of chocolates is an appropriate gift for this stage in a relationship.” While it’s definitely helpful to have these Valentine’s Day etiquette guidelines, every relationship is a little different. If your heart says you are ready to go all out for V-Day, however, then go for it and embrace the holiday spirit.

Trying to find the right Valentine's Day gift can always be tricky, but it's even harder if you're shopping for someone you just started dating.

In fact, she says there's no requirement for any relationship that hits V-Day before the half-year mark.

“You should not expect to exchange gifts with someone you've been dating for less than six months,” Gordon tells Elite Daily.

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“The expectations are still quite low in the first six months, as two people are figuring out if they see a long-term relationship working out.

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