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We seemed to have a lot in common, but then he started talking about other dates he’d been going on. He even mentioned one girl who had just texted him that day saying she didn’t want to see him again, did I want to see the text? Then, he started talking about Bumble, which I hadn’t used yet.

He opens the app and shows me the ins and outs of it, but I can tell he’s also reading his new messages.

We also decided we’d go someplace where there weren’t Valentine’s Day prix fixe menus or heart-shaped decorations — so the bar would just look like the bar it usually looked like, not one dressed up in a red décor.

Prepare yourself mentally, physically (go for a run, take a bath, listen to some good music), and then have fun getting to know your date! The lounge-type bar was super empty, so it’s as though we had the place to ourselves.

(He and I always said we’d have to thank the Valentine’s Day date guy!

) So, yes, I’m a fan of going on a Valentine’s Day date.

With all the choices of activity dates out there, there’s never a shortage of wondering what you and your date should do.

"Participating in an activity together really helps people to bond, create a connection, and get to know each other outside of their comfort zones.

But, low and behold, the week before Valentine’s Day, we were — and the only day we both had free was Valentine’s Day. “Don’t put too much stress on yourself or your date to make it the best first date ever,” Claudia Cox of Text Weapon tells Bustle. Don’t allow the venue or the activity take priority on Valentine’s Day or any other day.

A Hinge/Tinder guy and I had been postponing our first date for months (read: bad sign), then neither of us were single anymore. Plus, the romantic in us (OK, in me) thought it would be a great story to tell if he and I click.

Because the holiday wasn’t the reason the guy above and I didn’t click, you know?

If you’re feeling game to try it for yourself, here are some first date Valentine’s Day date ideas.

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Point being, be thoughtful and creative — and the effort does not go unnoticed!

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