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Cheerleading actually started as a male sport at the very end of the 19th century.

It's only in recent decades that it has been perceived as a sport with teams of women in semi-revealing outfits.

They resumed their relationship, despite everyone's objections.

When she lost her virginity to him, she became pregnant and quickly had an abortion.

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This plan failed, but it brought Jim to Springfield where he began dating Beth.As she acted up and continued to rebel against her mother, Gus tended to stand up for her.This ended when she confessed her feelings for him, drugged him and almost killed him in a fire.18th August 2018 – release from au Usain Bolt has officially touched down in Australia ahead of his indefinite training period with the Central Coast Mariners and addressed a strong media... * Tried to break up Gus and Harley's marraige by bringing Natalia to town. A young Harley was incapable of looking after Susan when she was born, so she gave her up for adoption.

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She fell apart giving testimony at Gus and Harley's adoption hearing and confessed to her misdeeds.