Updating the definition of internationalization

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Detailed procedure Since 2003, IAU has conducted Global Surveys on Internationalization of Higher Education.Each IAU global survey report provides a unique analysis of global and regional level data on trends and developments in the field of international higher education and related policymaking.The topic of the first webinar was “Developing a Strategic Approach to Internationalization”.The speakers were the IAU Senior Fellows Eva Egron-Polak and Madeleine Green.Internationalization of higher education is an inevitable process in the era of globalization and a deliberate strategy for improving quality and relevance.

Detailed procedure The process of designing or revising a national policy can also involve working ’bottom-up’, meaning working at the same time at governmental and institutional levels.The Committee redesigned the questionnaire to collect most relevant data from higher education institutions and IAU launched the updated version in early 2018. The survey report will be made available in early 2019. In the meantime, all can consult the following articles, which are based on the preliminary results of the survey: A changing view of the benefits of HE internationalisation, Giorgio Marinoni, Eva Egron-Polak and Madeleine Green, University World News, 1 February 2019 Is internationalisation creating inequality in higher education?, Giorgio Marinoni and Hans de Wit, University World News, 11 January 2019 4th Global Survey (2014) - IAU 4th Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education.The Global Survey reports have become a invaluable resource for anyone working on or interested in internationalization of higher education.edition of the Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education.

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One of the major institutional obstacles to internationalization is the limited expertise of academic and administrative staff working at HEIs.

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