Updating streets and trips

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Updating streets and trips

They're plotted right on the map, and there's an option to print them.

(Check out the slideshow for an example.) The software includes a 14-day trial to this service; thereafter, you can opt in for a year.

A boxed version is , or with a Pharos GPS device.

Microsoft discontinued a connected services version of Streets & Trips that provided online services such as gas prices and traffic for an additional monthly fee.

Check out how Badger Maps compares to Streets and Trips.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 makes a good accessory product for your portable GPS and has some advantages over online mapping.

Unlike Google Maps or Yahoo Maps, you pay actual money to use it, but unlike them, Streets & Trips is always available, say if you’re using a laptop and have no internet connection. And it’s the largest portable navigation device for cars when loaded on a notebook PC and connected to a USB receiver.

Badger Maps allows reps to get more done each day, close more deals, and minimize busy work.

Like its many predecessors, Streets & Trips 2009 (.95 list, .95 without the USB GPS receiver) adds some new features and refinements.

This year the big news is the addition of text-to-speech conversion, so the software speaks specific street names—a welcome addition.

Streets & Trips 2009, like other versions before it, is a cost-effective way to repurpose your existing hardware, turning a laptop PC into a GPS device with software and a USB receiver.

Unfortunately, this year Microsoft dropped the bundle with MSN Connected Services that was offered in Streets & Trips 2008, which included live traffic updates and fuel prices.

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Microsoft has, however, changed the toolbar: The icons are about twice the size of those in the 2008 version, making it much easier to access top-level functions when using a mouse or touchpad in a vehicle.