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A fun trip to an adventure park with friends and family will cost less and be less stressful and you’ll get the same rush.

We’ll be updating our production sites to Word Press 5.0 on January, assuming that from today and until January we’ll see only one release of Word Press and it will go out smoothly.

For the complete list of third-party applications currently supported by Plesk, refer to the Release Notes.

Supported third-party applications that have already been installed on a server prior to Plesk installation will be automatically detected during installation of Plesk by Plesk Installer and integrated as Plesk components.

We highly recommend postponing this update in your production sites until January.

Long term, we’re sure that Word Press and everyone using it will greatly benefit from this new editor.

However, for the next few weeks, and especially when dealing with existing sites, the drawbacks are bigger than the benefits.

It now has half a million signatures, which is 5x the amount that it would need to warrant a response from the White House." [email protected] Swift13 #VMAs pic.twitter.com/Q5c1N6p C80 When Taylor Swift calls you answer!

Catsuit by me,corset and accessories by @abrahamdlevy , hair by @the_m00r_beauty also special shout out to @hairvolution89 for also coming through with the unit!

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Don't let anyone tell you your voice doesn't matter." We love you, @Nina West – thank you for your tireless leadership ❤️ #Emmys For Drag Race pic.twitter.com/j WY4Ak Fcjy There are only EIGHT days left before @Ru Paul's FIRST-EVER DJ set at Drag Con NYC!