Updating contacts on blackberry storm

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Updating contacts on blackberry storm

If you just backup your Blackberry, and use your device as your master calendar for the next few weeks, you will be fine.

Because the sync is wireless, it does use your data plan to transmit the information.

The experience caused me to immediately disable the contacts sync and start looking for alternate solutions.

Google Calendar Sync has existed for some time for your computer, but now there is also a mobile sync.

Astra Sync is used by tens of thousands of Black Berry® smartphone owners worldwide.

Supported email servers include Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail & Windows Live, Mail Site Fusion, Exchange Online, BPOS, Communi Gate Pro, Zimbra, Scalix, First Class, Open-Xchange, Kerio Mail Server, Smarter Mail, Axigen, Office365 &

With this application you can completely sync your Blackberry and Google Calendar, instead of just receiving SMS-based reminders of important appointments.

Before we launch the Google Sync application on your Blackberry, let’s focus on some of the reason you would want to use this application (benefits! As a Mac Book user, I have to admit I’m less than happy with the syncing provided by applications such as Pocket Mac.

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One of the most important things for many of us is our contacts.

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