Updating a tomtom one virtual dating with arianeb

Posted by / 05-Apr-2020 03:54

Updating a tomtom one

And Tom Tom did provide lifetime updates for Op's device.Every update they issued for the device, op got for free. They never promised to keep issuing updates to an obsolete 80 year old device.If they cannot support the existing device, what is there to entice me to buy a new one, which will obviously fail to be supported in the near future?I won't buy a new Tom Tom if they won't even stand by the product I have.

Tom Tom actually sent out an e-mail to inform me of this event and update.I bought several of them months ago and not one of them works now, updates won't upload, and I can't get a response from customer service. I have owned and used my Tom Tom GPS for about seven years.It came with lifetime updates, very important to me or no purchase.If they wanted to pay a team to "dumb down" their current maps to the standard of 10 years ago, they could.It would just be horribly inefficient to make their new maps worse. Just provide updated maps with the same amount/detail of data as before - I think everyone agrees that it is not newly built roads that make the maps too large. It works now, and there is no reason that it should suddenly stop working.

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