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Then it tells you how to compile and run programs that use Swing components.

The table can expand and retract it's nodes perfectly however when I call JTree.expand Path it doesn't update the table view immediately, instead it updates after a call to show Visible on a dialog.

I have a JTree with 3 Nodes, Unaccepted, Accepted, and Closed. I am developing a polling method to update the JTree every 5 minutes. I am putting the jtree inside a scroll pane and then into the panel.

I am first making jtree and the rootnode object null and initializing it again (for ...

Since your nodes aren't actually tied to the database, but only hold data that was pulled from the database at the time they are created, the nodes haven't changed, only ...

I have constructed a tree and when ever any change occured to the tree i am sending an event from server which will notify all the clients.

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