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And if we don’t eradicate it, everyone will continue to suffer the consequences, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

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It needs to give you something to think about when you’re trying to drop off to sleep at night; to make you wonder whether that creaking noise down the hallway was just the house settling, or something lurking in the shadows.he's only thirteen but he's nearly as tall as his father.

According to their daughter, the mirror is haunted, and something supernatural caused their deaths.

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Online subcultures on websites like 4chan and Reddit call trans women ‘traps’ – which could be described as tantalising and beautifully passing creatures that lure innocent heterosexual men into having (‘gay’) sex with them without telling them they’re trans, as the ultimate game of deception.

Because we all know that women’s sexual activities or desires are of course always centred around the pleasure of men.

But they shouldn’t be seen any differently than any other man who loves a woman. They shouldn’t be punished, nor should they be automatically celebrated.

They should be respected all the same, as well as their desires and sexual orientation.

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He was ridiculously handsome and couldn’t have been more into me.