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Tornadodating net

This two disc boxset contains the second set of 13 episodes ("Der Dieb" through "Return to Oblivion").Bonus features include commentaries for all thirteen episodes, an animatic for the unseen episode "Ronnie", and other assorted bonus features – many of which involve women in bikinis.While there was initial resistance from several of the original series' creators to the reuse of their characters, production moved forward on the series.Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, the creators and writers of Sealab 2021, came up with the idea for the show in 1995 while they were production assistants for Cartoon Network.Sealab 2021 is an American adult animated television series created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson.It was shown on Cartoon Network's late-night programming block, Adult Swim.

This two disc boxset contains the first 13 episodes ("Radio Free Sealab" through "Swimming in Oblivion").

Five years after quitting Cartoon Network, the two went back to the original tape, this time making the characters do what they wanted.

Cartoon Network bought the show, coincidentally around the same time that Adult Swim was created.

They stumbled on a tape of the show Sealab 2020, and wrote new dialogue.

Cartoon Network passed on the show because they did not believe it was funny.

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Much like Adult Swim's Space Ghost Coast to Coast, the animation used stock footage from a 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon, in this case the short-lived, environmentally-themed Sealab 2020, along with original animation.

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