Top dating keywords who is nelly dating november 2016

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Top dating keywords

Keyword research is probably the most crucial part of ASO.The algorithm employed by the Apple App Store uses primarily keywords coming from the app title and subtitle in order to rank apps for specific search queries.Today, the competition is more impressive than ever before. We can fairly say that there exists “an app for everything and everyone”.If the total number of apps in the App Store has declined over the past couple of years (due to new requirements and OS compatibility standards), the quality of apps in the store has gone up drastically, which makes it even harder to stand out.With the introduction of i OS 11 a year later, Apple reduced the app name length to 30 characters. While it was still technically possible to use over 30 characters a year ago, the limit is today strict and fixed.

App Store Optimization (ASO) therefore plays a great role in terms of User Acquisition, as shown on the Mobile Growth Stack from Andy Carvell (Phiture).

There's a lot of pressure in the online dating world to create a beautifully crafted profile, complete with star quality pictures and a list of exciting interests.

After all, it's the only thing you have to attract the partner of your dreams through the internet.

Yet, if your app offers something new and disruptive or solves a problem in a clear and meaningful way, you’re probably on the right path to success.

What matters now is to build a strong app marketing strategy and put together relevant promotional initiatives.

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In terms of keywords, the app name has the biggest weight.