Tegoshi yuya dating

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Tegoshi yuya dating

However, the current incident involving Tanaka's arrest for the possession of illegal drugs doesn't appear to have had anything to do with Johnny's Entertainment.

Tanaka had been under suspicion from the police for some time.

Even if you are the aggressive Tsu-chan (Masuwaka), you should still be more considerate."The rumors were not even true.

Well-known for its strict regulations, Johnny's Entertainment artists are instructed to refuse requests for photographs or autographs.

An entertainment reporter commented, "Tegoshi has been able to successfully dodge any major scandals, despite having frequently been caught in romantic relations with various women. It has brought Johnny's Entertainment's ability to manage its artists into question.

It is highly likely that Tegoshi will be disciplined for this incident and will have to lay low for a while." It has been rumored that the arrest of Tanaka Koki (31), a former member of KAT-TUN, on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Act may have been used to cover up Tegoshi's incident.

A member of the Japanese staff also stated that Tegoshi spoke warmly about his American girlfriend during recent promotional activities, and called her often.

When confronted outside the theater, she made no comment and drove away in a waiting airport limousine.

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Unfortunately, Tegoshi's attempts to endear himself to his admirers backfired this time.

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