Teens dating possesive boyfriends

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Teens dating possesive boyfriends

A controlling teen might even assume his girlfriend is cheating or expect her to be unfaithful, even though it is a false presumption.

If you see a sudden change in their friend or family relationships sit down and talk to them about your concerns.

A manipulative teen in a dating relationship wants to be in control because he doesn't want to risk losing his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that trying to control the relationship is a good way to lose it.

A controlling teen might not want his girlfriend to have other relationships, invest in activities outside of the relationship or spend extended periods of time away.

He might even check on her 10, 20 or 30 times a day using his cellphone, according to a study prepared for Liz Claiborne Inc. This type of manipulative behavior often stems from insecurity and has little to do with the partner's actual behavior.

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She might cry, complain and throw tantrums if her parents don't let her go out with her boyfriend, or she might sneak out of the house.