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The Short Version: Long-distance relationships can often be difficult, but video chatting through oo Voo helps couples feel closer, even if they’re an ocean apart.

65% of oo Voo’s more than 160 million registered users are under the age of 25, a period of life when many couples are separated by career and educational opportunities.

With features that allow couples to watch videos together, relive conversations, and use live 3D avatars during calls, oo Voo ensures members have fun while connecting with up to 11 loved ones at a time.

Promising to maximize the video chatting experience, oo Voo uses Superclear™ technology to deliver the highest quality picture and sound for users of the popular app.

“When you see a degraded video stream, a lot of what you see are issues with the network that don’t really have anything to do with video compression,” Chris said.“What Superclear™ technology does is look for those losses and negotiate packet loss much better than anyone else out there.” On the strength of Intel’s Realsense 3D camera and oo Voo’s Intelligent Video integration, oo Voo has brought augmented reality to video chat.3D avatars can now mimic oo Voo users’ facial expressions in real time.“We’ve had a lot of success, primarily because of the age of the audience, with our avatars,” Chris said.A major part of modern dating is sitting on the couch next to your significant other and watching movies or TV together.

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When Chris tells many of his friends that he works on the video chatting app, many of them tell him they haven’t heard of it.

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