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Survivalist dating

Rebuilding after a crisis is a monster unto itself and is extremely daunting… Pioneers had large and extended families in order to help work and live off the land.This is exactly what you will need if and when SHTF.It can also help you to create a community of other survival oriented people that in a crisis can bond together to help get through just about anything.With the ability to search a radius as small as two miles and as large as the globe, you should be able to find a meetup group to suit your needs.Searching for survival groups in my city using the search term “survival” brings up 17 groups within a 25-mile radius that range from homesteading to permaculture to urban survival.With all of these websites currently available for free, you should have no excuse to survive what may come alone.

Check out this video by City Prepping: These survivalist dating websites are bringing unique opportunities for preppers to also prep for companionship after a global disaster.

It is also very easy to navigate to exactly the groups you want to join.

While Meetup is not specifically designed to find a mate, it is still a great place to start looking.

One of the only downsides to these sites is you can’t search by skill.

If you’re trying to find the perfect partner, you would want to find one with skills that compliment your own.

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