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Straight men on the low chat site

In the wake of parties like Courvoisier Urban Thug Night, this ambition has become more like an ironic pose.

Guys who call themselves incognitos, playas, real nikkas, thug bottoms, and pretty thugs fill online chat rooms to maximum capacity. Nicholson finds such a contradiction hard to swallow.

“People in Atlanta have begun to refer to DL as Dick Lovers.” Living on the down low is not new.This panic has created a whole industry of “experts” dishing out advice to straight women who want the real deal on what their men are doing behind closed doors. “Being on the DL is being in the closet about your sexual feelings for the same sex,” King informed me in a recent interview.“When I hear the word ‘closet,’ I think it means to hide being gay and in the gay lifestyle.” But the “PRIDE ON THE DL” party betrayed these assumptions.One of the models I work with is not hard, he’s not soft, he’s not effeminate, he’s not thuggish.He likes men, he likes women, he’s about to have a daughter, loves to be fucked, and plays with dildos.

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One petit guy sported a wifebeater that inched up his torso to disclose a pair of Hilfiger boxer shorts and a midriff Scorpion tattoo.