Soul 2 soul dating

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Soul 2 soul dating

In 2007, Wheeler reunited with the group and performed the song at the Lovebox Festival.

Slash your way across the land in this amazing running game.Wheeler performed "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)" on various televised appearances, including the Arsenio Hall Show, At the end of 1989, Wheeler later departed from the group.When Soul II Soul performed the song at 1990 Soul Train Music Awards, Marcia Lewis; a new addition to the group, performed the lead vocals.The album version of the song was an a cappella which was remixed and re-recorded before being released as a single.Two new versions were produced — the first taking the original recording with instrumentation added, and the second was a re-working of the song with new lyrics and chorus (also adding "However Do You Want Me" to the title).

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In December 2016, Soul II Soul released their live album Origins: The Roots of Soul II Soul which included a live recorded version on the song, sung by Wheeler.