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is everything you ever wanted in an growing online fetish, BDSM, and bondage lifestyle community.With kinksters who are serious about creating safe, sane, consensual playtime for men and women to fulfill their most erotic fantasies is the nexus of alternative sexual play.He smiled mischievously and said, “You have no idea.” Girls don’t need tricks to get guys to come home with them at the end of dates but I happen to have an excellent one anyway: I live in a condo along the river in my city.A walk along the river is the perfect nightcap to any date and the guy will always walk me up afterwards, “to make sure I get home safe .” So Paul was sitting on my bed while I made some drinks and thought about whether I wanted to have sex with him that night.This is where you go is you want a very kinky sex date where you can enjoy whatever naughty fetishes you like. Maybe you want to be collared by a master that will own you like a slave? is one of the largest alternative lifestyle sites on the planet with 3 million members and growing.Wow, that's a whole lot of people looking to the same freaky things as you are right now.Exclusively devoted to kink & BDSM dating communities connecting with people is easy on with tools like keyword search, matchmaking tools, email, chat rooms, 1×1 chat, webcams, member videos, blogs, flirts, bulletins and groups.ALT members can also view kinky, bondage and fetish tubes and porno, live model chat and live model webcams.

I always loved it when guys did this, the anticipation was unbearable, in an addictive way. “You’re such a good girl, Adrienne,” he mumbled as he kissed my neck, clearly enjoying himself.If you are looking for submissive sex, slave dating or BDSM slaves then you will want to join some of these kinky dating sites to find what you are realy looking for.One of the original submissive dating sites, really knows how to deliver for you.I held up my hands, showing him I wasn’t going to resist and he groaned loudly in excitement. “I told you you would like it.” He laid down on my bed and I instantly curled up next to him. With my head on his chest I reached up and began massaging his scalp, my sudden need to please this man had not been satiated. He grabbed his drink off the nightstand and poured a bit into my mouth before kissing me and sucking the taste of whiskey off my tongue.He thrust faster into my mouth, careful to make his movement fluid. He trailed the dewey glass down my neck to my collarbone and I shivered.

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