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There's a good chance your petite new love interest is a "firecracker," as some say, which will make you love her even more. You'll most likely have to bend down or at least strain your neck every time you want to kiss her. If she wants you to pick her up, she'll most likely run and jump on you like she's reenacting a scene from . She doesn't discriminate against shorter guys, but she has her eye on tall men. She wants to give her kids a shot at being tall one day, and in her dreams, her 5-foot-2 self your 6-foot-3 self = a 5-foot-9 daughter/son. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality. Finding what works can be a bit clumsy at first, but I sure had fun trying to make it work. According to some studies, the chance of a man marrying a taller woman is about one percent, so I know I’m not the only one with height preferences!During my time spent swiping through Tinder, I noticed plenty of men stating they are looking for small, petite women.The prevalence of dating apps these days means that you have your choice of all kinds of men; no matter what your preferences are, you can find plenty of guys who will fit the description.As a newly single girl, I was overwhelmed at the possibility and variety.There’s a self-assurance about them that’s really irresistible and I loved dating guys with these qualities. There is something about being overpowered by a huge guy that just feels really good. I wasn’t prepared for this side effect of dating men a foot taller than me.

Of course, this also means there were several liars, players, and generally toxic jerks over six feet tall too since height doesn’t discriminate against how big of a douchebag you are. Maneuvering with pillows and sometimes just giving up and moving onto a position that’s a little less back-breaking are a must.

One even mentioned that any girl who doesn’t look good in a bikini shouldn’t even bother messaging him. My little experiment in dating super tall guys was awesome.

We all have preferences when looking for a partner but for some reason, I feel like women get shamed for looking for this way more. At the end of it all, no matter how tall the guy is, the most important thing is a guy who treats you right.

For me, that ended up being a guy who was just a little shorter than I’d like but who’s more amazing than I could have ever hoped for.

Whether you're a tall person looking for a date of 6 foot and over or a shorter individual who likes the taller partner on their arm, 6 Foot Lover is definitely the place to find the larger members of the single population.

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After a long, toxic relationship with a guy who was a total waste of my time, I decided to have some fun with dating and only go out with dudes who had my dream guy qualities. They stand out in a crowd; you kind of can’t miss them considering they tower over the general population.

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