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When Lola and I created Secret Erotica, the first thing we did was create a philosophy, a collection of values and goals that would direct all future work with Secret Erotica: “We intend to build a website that is open minded, fun to use, female friendly, sexy and exciting.

It will be a welcoming interactive community that is safe, non-judgmental and supportive.

We are both passionate about experiencing and encouraging great sex lives, both for ourselves and our community, so we will keep an eye out for any cutting-edge information and share it with you here.

We will also be featuring blogs from some of our most trusted and valuable members. Feel free to have a good look around the site, we have a ton of interesting articles on sex and fantasies for you to enjoy.

Ive had some very intense dirty PM conversations over the years, going way back to the AOL chat rooms!

It can be very hot when you connect with someone and take the time to really build the arousal slowly.

There's audio stories, lots of pics, videos, personals, a toys and video store, and more.

It's all about 2 people feeding off each other's dirty imaginations. I love naughty PMs and put time and effort into making them worth a read.I am not talking a novel here but NOT a brief sentence either. I am looking for a solid back and forth, with imagination and no limits. We feel it’s only right that those who contribute to our site get the opportunity to share their own thoughts and passions. Most importantly of all go and enjoy the community! Lola and I hope you are as excited about this new sexy community as we are.

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We hope to launch this feature sometime before the end of the year 2000.