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Just as Jesus sought to meet the physical needs of people by multiplying the five loaves and two fish (Luke -17), singles need help overcoming loneliness and that comes by providing them a time and place to meet other Christians and make new friends.Many single adults are longing for their social needs to be met in church through “get-togethers” with other Christian singles – including food and fellowship.(See Resources) Single parent groups might meet for social outings, or help arrange child-swaps that allow parents time for work or socializing without children.The daily activities related to work and the home can consume almost all of a single parent's time.Plus, it might mean you all have more time for fun activities together.

Church singles are searching online through search engines like Google and Yahoo for Christian singles groups in their area.

It might sometimes feel as if fun comes last -- but being a single parent doesn't have to mean that pleasurable activities are out of the question.

Like the running of the household, single parents get the final say about what fun activities the family takes part in. fine dining or choosing the movies over the monster truck rally.

We’re looking for volunteers that would like to in their city.

This outreach is designed to bring Christian singles together, dispel loneliness and isolation, minister to their social needs and direct people to a Bible-based church like Calvary Chapel, Assemblies of God or Foursquare Gospel for their spiritual needs to be met.

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If you’re a single adult, then you know how important it is to socialize and make new friends.