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If one observes 100 swans, and all 100 were white, one might infer a universal categorical proposition of the form All swans are white.As this reasoning form's premises, even if true, do not entail the conclusion's truth, this is a form of inductive inference.Two dicto simpliciter fallacies can occur in statistical syllogisms: "accident" and "converse accident".Simple induction proceeds from a premise about a sample group to a conclusion about another individual.

Here, consensus melts away, and in its place arises a question about whether we can talk of probability coherently at all without numerical quantification. It truncates "all" to a mere single instance and, by making a far weaker claim, considerably strengthens the probability of its conclusion.Doesn't the addition of this corroborating evidence oblige us to raise our probability assessment for the subject proposition?It is generally deemed reasonable to answer this question "yes," and for a good many this "yes" is not only reasonable but incontrovertible.On a philosophical level, the argument relies on the presupposition that the operation of future events will mirror the past.In other words, it takes for granted a uniformity of nature, an unproven principle that cannot be derived from the empirical data itself.

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