Shipment consolidating software

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Shipment consolidating software

You can easily customize each user’s setup configurations to support high-speed scan automation, batch shipping, and quick one-off shipments.Changing software systems can be intimidating for many users, but Intelliship makes it easy.Intelliship multi carrier shipping software is a single system that can handle all carriers (international and domestic) including small parcel, LTL, full truckload, ocean, air freight and even local carrier or in-house carriers.By managing such a wide variety of carriers, Intelliship functions as a comprehensive solution for those seeking shipping software, manifesting software, LTL software and more.Intelliship manifest software can produce all of the shipping documentation necessary for domestic shipments (BOLs, shipping labels, pallet tags) as well as commercial invoices for international shipments.Intelliship supports forms and carrier-compliant documentation such as Shipping labels, Manifest reports, DOCTags, Invoices, Commercial Invoices, Pallet Tags, and Hazmat documentation.We are then able to ship to these retailers in fewer, fuller truckload shipments – reducing your costs and streamlining the receiving process for the retailer.Intelliship drives efficiencies in shipment execution by eliminating the need for different shipping systems for each mode or carrier.

Customers are billed depending on the amount of space and or weight they take up in the trailer.

This fully configurable optimization technology allows you to establish rules for compliance with your fulfillment strategies while optimizing cost saving opportunities with your shipping contracts.

Intelliship will compare rates among all of your carriers and will select the most cost effective option according to the required delivery date, giving you the functionality you would expect from multi carrier shipping software.

We collect and manage your transportation data, but it’s not just about the data. Comprehensive and perfect information results in smart decision-making and higher levels of profitability.

Lojistic's team of experts and advanced transportation management software transforms supply chain data into understandable, meaningful, and actionable information.

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