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There is even an amazing link from the sitter to the present, as the 4th Earl was the unwitting originator of perhaps the boldest, and most fascinating, series of art frauds of the the late 20C and early 21C, which took place 150 years after his death!

Unfortunately, the miniature is unsigned, but the sitter is identified on the reverse as the 4th Earl of Egremont.

That she did protest at great length is evident from the full account at The Newgate Calendar - FREDERIC LORD BALTIMORE, ELIZABETH ...

and judging by the detailed report of the trial, there seems little doubt that today he would have been convicted of kidnap and rape.

He married Lady Diana Egerton, daughter of Scroop Egerton, 1st Duke of Bridgewater, but did not get along with her and they spent most of their married life apart. Frederick moved to the continent where he remained until he died in Naples in 1771.

Calvert had numerous illegitimate children by various women and attempted to support them.

Sarah is shown here, as is a woodcut of the day titled; "Sarah Woodcock forcibly introduced to Lord Baltimore".

However at the trial Calvert was acquitted, supposedly as Sarah did not protest enough, but more likely due to his rank.

There is also a frame-maker's trade label which is a little hard to read. ) Neatly Fitted Up - Glasses Polished and Restored - Paper Hanger." With the help of a Leverton family historian, it has been possible to determine this must be for the John Leverton (1803-1875) appearing in the Plymouth, Devon, town and census records between 18 census as a carver and gilder.

The oldest, which appears to be the original inscription is underneath a modern felt pen inscription, and reads; "The Late Earl of Egremont 1843".

This is repeated at the bottom, in writing that appears to be post World War II, although the date has been misread; "The late Earl of Egremont 1845".

For example her home at Orchard Wyndham was about 40 miles north of Silverton Park.

It would have been impractical to have carried a large oil between her homes.

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Although lacking the visual appeal of many miniature portraits, this miniature is nevertheless interesting and enables the viewer to contemplate historical events, extreme wealth, and upper class (im)morality, through their connections with the 4th Earl of Egremont, a member of the immensely wealthy Wyndham family.

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