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The Ohio law seeks to balance these interests and, so far, has been well received by both sides.

Signed by outgoing Governor John Kasich in January, the law is an extensive amendment to Ohio’s existing public records act and makes all police body-worn camera footage generally subject to public disclosure, a win for transparency advocates.

Ohio recently enacted new legislation providing for the public release of police bodycam videos, with certain exceptions.

The Ohio law recognizes and addresses the hot-button topic of police bodycams – a subject that often draws contrasting opinions, especially concerning public access to this footage.

Other states have completely exempted bodycam videos as non-public records, shutting the door on any public disclosure at all.

Instead, the law allows for specific penalties for both of these crimes.

Several media outlets and citizen advocacy groups propose that bodycam video footage constitutes a public record and should be disclosed in most cases.

On the other hand, law enforcement agencies and privacy rights advocates often argue that these videos are confidential and should not be released to just anyone on request, particularly when the videos detail open and ongoing criminal investigations.

Reaction to the new measure so far has been widely positive.

Communities and law enforcement agencies across the country recognize the importance of body cameras, and that they are likely here to stay.

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The maximum amounts are: Additionally, someone convicted of murder faces a maximum fine of $15,000, while someone convicted of aggravated murder faces a maximum fine of $25,000.