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The main inspiration behind the episode was a similar agreement David once made with a woman.

The episode, which introduced the character of Tina, Elaine's roommate, first aired on May 2, 1991 and was watched by approximately 22.6 million viewers.

He looks for a gift with George but is unable to think of anything, though he remembers her saying "something about a bench". Jerry: I have a vague recollection of doing something with someone, but it was a long, long time ago. Well, you can't expect to just forget the past completely. Upon the realization that neither of them has had sexual relations in a while, they start toying with the idea of sleeping together.However, as they do not wish to ruin their friendship, they establish a set of ground rules.

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They take a dress off the rack, and they hold it up against themself. They stick one leg way out 'cause they nedd to know, if some day I'm one-legged, and at a fourty-five degree angle, what am I gonna wear? You never see a guy take a suit off the rack, put his head in the neck, and go, "What do you think about this suit?

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