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Gotta thank my super awesome, fantabulous publisher, Waterhouse Press Thank you for being the non-traditional traditional publisher!

To the Audrey Carlan Street Team of wicked hot Angels, together we change the world One book at a time BESOS-4-LIFE, lovely ladies ABOUT THE AUTHOR Audrey Carlan lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious … ” He hugged me close, planting his hands at the curve in my lower back “What kind of girl?

” After closing her eyes, she sucked in a long breath “Am I awful if I say no, he’s not?

At least, not right now, when I’m only twenty-five In another couple years, I might think differently But by then…” “He’ll have moved on No, I get it So was it a clean break?

Winner winner…she makes dinner.” I groaned “It’s my last night as a single lady.” “Hey, it’s not my fault he liked it so much he put a ring on it!

That’s all you Now get up woman and get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.” There was a ton of force in her hand as she jerked me to a standing position “And no more worrying about this garbage The next twenty-four hours are going to be the happiest of your life, and as maid of honor, I’m going to make sure of it.” She crumpled my father’s letter into a ball and tossed it over her shoulder and off the balcony I didn’t even look to see where it landed “You realize that Maddy is my maid of honor, right?

” I asked, hoping he’d lead the way He tugged me to his side where he looped an arm around my shoulders “Let’s get a hot beverage here”—he pointed at Colorado Coffee—“and then we’ll walk a bit Sound good?

Jeananna Goodall—I love how you see what I write as if the characters are living, breathing entities Sometimes I wonder if you see them better than I They come alive for you in a way that gives me hope for the people who will pick up one of my books Thank you for being a light in my world Ginelle Blanch—You are honest when others are not I have been told the same about myself It’s refreshing to find that in a person I appreciate all that you are and glory in the gift you give me with each book Thank you, my friend, for sticking with me through every book I’ve written to date Anita Shofner—You are kind, genuine, and a damn good beta I’m so grateful to have you at my back I hope everyone in your world knows the value of you at their back I sure and will never forsake it Thank you to the ladies at Give Me Books and Kylie Mc Dermott for spreading this book and the entire Calendar Girl series far and wide into the virtual social world!

” I asked As he was responding, a woman around my height exited She was lean, wrapped in a wicked cool leather jacket that went down to her knees and was tied with a belt at the waist A hot pink scarf floated in the breeze across her front, drawing immediate attention to her neck Her very familiar pitch-black hair in loose curls around her shoulders I squinted, trying desperately to see more of the woman’s face, but she was looking down into her bag “And they have the best eggs benedict…” I heard Wes’s words filter in and out of my mind but my focus was solely on the woman across the street A tingling sensation Her eyes narrowed as she put her elbows on her knees and plopped her head into her hands “No, it’s not too much to ask If it’s your dream, you have to fight for it, unless another opportunity you want more presents itself Did you talk to Tao about what you were planning for yourself?

” She sighed “Yeah, and he said that no woman of his was going to work unless it was with the family act.” “Well, they’re dancers, you could maybe…” She rolled her eyes and looked at me as though I’d just claimed Brad Pitt was at the front door ready to offer his baby making services “Right.” I let out a slow breath “Not exactly your style of dancing.” Ginelle cringed “Nope.” “But…Tao is your kind of man Is he worth giving that dream up for another one?

game fucking over You have the will of a warrior, I reminded myself I’d heard the phase on a commercial, or something I’d watched on TV, and repeated it over and over “Are you going to deny me what’s mine?

” Wes said, placing both of his hands at the top of my tank His fingers curled into the fabric, and with one quick rip, he shredded the cotton right down the center Holy Fuck You have the will of a warrior He leaned forward as I shook my head no Words were not forthcoming His warm mouth wrapped around one tight peak before he sucked long and so damn hard You have the will of a warrior “Wes…” I heard myself whisper “Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll leave.” He lavished first one nipple and then the other with rough laps of his tongue and small nibbles of his teeth While he tortured one tit, he plucked, rubbed, and twisted its mate until my hips were moving of their own accord Seeking, reaching, trying to find something to relieve the extraordinary ache he’d started “Ugh I can’t.” I sighed, wrapping my arms around his head and arching up into his mouth “Now, that’s my girl,” he growled and sucked as much of my breast into the heat of his mouth as he could I encouraged him, moaning and holding him there Wanting him to continue, keening for it Wes shifted a knee between my thighs and kicked out my right leg and then my left, inserting himself between my thighs It was a move I’d become accustomed to after so many months of experiencing all the different ways my man made love to me Tonight, he wanted to be close, as close as he could get He plastered the length of his body along mine, as much of our skin touching as possible Without further delay, he lifted my hips and sunk his thick cock, balls-deep I gasped, my pussy squeezing his length on impact “Oh, God,” I cried out when he pulled back and crashed hard “Gonna love you like this for eternity, Mia.” He retreated and thrust home “Every day of my life…” Retreat, followed by a firm lunge “Without fail…you will be loved,” Wes promised and then picked up the pace I clung to Wes, whispered my vows of love and forever against his neck, his lips, his chest, whatever I could reach, until the pressure became too much It started pulsing at my lower spine and spread out, the ribbons of heat trickling to each limb, making every nerve ending itch He slammed his thick length into me, once, twice, three times, until the fire he’d set sparked, and I soared, going up in flames so bright, the fire blinded everything in its path Above me, Wes’s body was a fine machine of muscle and bone, every inch of him focused on the need before him, which was pounding as much pleasure into me as my body could take And it took, and took, until he had me screaming out again His lips muffled my second foray into bliss, tasting my desire for him I bit down on his lips as his body tightened, every speck gripping onto me as though he’d fly away if he didn’t hold on for dear life A few quick, hard pumps, and he ground down, crushing my knot of oversensitive nerves in the process, which sent a shimmer of pleasure through me one last time as he released into me Moments passed as we both breathed heavily against one another’s necks It concerned me how fiercely he needed me When his mom had suggested the idea earlier, he’d gone along with little resistance Perhaps he’d never planned to follow through at all Pushing Wes’s face from my chest, I lifted his chin His eyes immediately locked on mine “Are you okay?

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” he asked At the mention of breakfast, my stomach growled “I’m going to go with a ‘yeah’ on that one,” I quipped He grinned and left me to my viewing “Don’t stay out too long You’ll freeze your ass off.” “Hopefully, only the flabby parts!

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  1. is the equivalent of a marriage resumé, where an individual presents personal information and qualifications in order to be matched with or selected by a like-minded individual.